I am working with 15 authors to illustrate their poetry in the context of a larger collection of poems. The poems will be used as a way to create a broader narrative about exploring the varied experiences of being a sapphic person. It is aimed to present a diverse range of experiences all dealing with concepts of growth and understanding oneself. I had an open call for poetry in May 2019, and directly contacted several poets whose work dealt with lesbian themes. A long and hard editing process to narrow down the selection took place, and ultimately I settled on the 17 which I felt had the strongest thematical connections. In addition to the poems submitted, I'll be including works by Sappho, Wu Tsao, Akiko Yosano, & Angelina Weld Grimké.

 The book’s images will be my own interpretations of each poet’s work with additional historical or cultural context when applicable. The book will be a collection of richly emotional and vibrant illustrations of lesbian life. I want to do right by my younger self, desperately needing lesbian representation but never able to find something in media that I could relate to.



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